After the End

First Session

Twice, Camo, and a spool of copper wire

Characters and setting

The setting we decided upon was Washington DC post-apocalypse: but, this is a “green” apocalypse, with lots of plant and animal life reclaiming the remains of the city. There are several small holdings making their living in the Smithsonian bowels, the Washington Monument, the suburbs of DC, and various other areas. The area all generally pays tribute to a warlord named Jackabacka, a large black man. He rose to power by seizing control of the only remaining bridge crossing the river. His small army of thugs has been unchallenged for a while, and is growing decadent lazy and corrupt, extorting from the people they are supposedly protecting.

Jake is playing the Hardholder, a somewhat attractive Asian woman named Lin. Her holding (and the main site of the game) is housed within the shell of the Pentagon. She wears military junta clothes, cut to reveal her feminine physique. She pays tribute to Jackabacka, while also demanding some tribute from businesses, travelers, and other people in a smaller area. Her militia is small, but well trained, and well-armed with weapons (spears primarily) that her holding manufactory.

Tony is playing the Maestro D, a slightly jumpy man named Chairman Yen. He runs an establishment known only as “Pepsi” after the sign over the entrance; the establishment is on the surface just a meat dumpling joint (don’t ask what’s in them), but it’s also the main brothel within the Pentagon holding. It’s also highly exclusive: only the elite are allowed in.

Dylan is playing the Faceless, a secretive figure who only wears a tribal fetish mask. The sex of this character is unkown, but he/she is called Momo. Momo primarily makes his/her living by escorting people and caravans, protecting them from Jackabacka’s greedy thugs, and sometimes helping them skirt around toll chokepoints. He/she wears a heavy suit of armor composed of a hodgepodge of scavenged goods, and uses as a weapon a “Children Crossing” sign folded and sharpened into an axe-like blade.

Events of the first session:

Momo is hunting in the woods for something to eat. Two of Jackabacka’s thugs find him/her along the path; despite his/her attempts to hide, they find her, and try to extort a bribe from her. She punches them in the face and scares them away; they regroup with a cell of other thugs and she leaves them alone.

Meanwhile, it was time for Chairman Yen to cough up something for monthly tribute to Lin. Lin demands metal goods as tribute, as these are most useful for making weapons. By luck, the night before tribute came due, a man named Camo (a regular at Pepsi and a member of Lin’s militia) came in with a spool of copper wire, hoping to trade this for a night filled with dumplings and sex with his favorite whore, a woman named Twice.

But, Twice went to Chairman Yen and begged not to have her sleep with Camo, saying that Camo hit her and she was afraid of him. After some discussion, Chairman Yen pulled out a bottle of alcohol and a box of pills and told Twice that she should get Camo loaded drunk and high as balls, and then lie to him and say they had sex when they really didn’t. Twice does this.

The next day, Lin sends a couple militia men down to collect the wire tribute. However, there is some question about whether the whole spool was there. Lin doesn’t get any useful answers, though.

Twice asks Chairman Yen how she can get in contact with Momo. Chairman Yen tells her about Momo’s home under a bridge. Yen is suspicious of her behavior. He tries opening his brain to the psychic maelstrom, and gets a hazy feeling that she is afraid and that Camo is angry and upset. To get more information, Yen puts the word out that he wants to speak to Camo.

However, this word goes to Lin. Camo tells Lin that he suspects he was drugged and cheated by Twice. Lin doesn’t like hearing this, and takes Camo (along with Rothschild, another soldier) to Pepsi.

Camo confronts Yen, but the Chairman cleverly manages to talk his way out of it and Camo drops it. Lin and Chairman Yen have a tense discussion after Camo leaves: in the past, Chairman Yen was late with tribute, and that made Lin look weak in front of Jackabacka, and had led to a fight in which a few militia members died. Lin never really forgave Yen for that.

Twice finds Momo in the woods. She reveals that she stole a portion of the copper wire, and kept the remainder of the bottle of alcohol and drugs that Chairman Yen had given her. She tried to use this as payment to get Momo to “get rid of” Camo; she wanted Momo to either kill him, or scare him away from the Pentagon for good. Momo accepted the payment and the job.

Back at the Pentagon, a small squad of Jackabacka’s thugs (including Tum Tum asked Lin if she had seen Momo, and to report the masked person’s whereabouts to them if she found them. They leave without further incident.

Momo shows up, finds Camo. Momo starts to stalk Camo, following him. Camo realizes this, and turns around: someone offers to hide Momo for a price, but Momo refuses. Camo confronts her, telling her to leave them alone and go away. When Momo doesn’t respond, Camo hits Momo in the face, knocking her down. Momo responds by cutting off his head with his/her sign-axe.

Lin responds by immediately gathering the militia and surrounding Momo. Momo surrenders without a fight, and they throw her in the brig. That’s where we ended the session.



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